Smart Fleet

Technological Features

The huge fleet of trucks which constantly run around your neighbourhoods ferrying waste and recyclables are more than just regular humble trucks. Each one of our truck is quipped with latest technological equipments. Further, we keep innovating our trucks to keep them abreast with latest technologies. Some of the key ‘smart’ features of our trucks are as follows:

Natural Gas Powered

All our trucks are powered by Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) generated from the landfill sites. They emit least amount of pollutants thereby keeping our neighbourhoods clean.

Onboard Computers

The efficiency and safety are maximised via real time route optimization support provided to all our drivers through onboard computers.


Our trucks are equipped with cameras which guide our drivers in keeping the communities safe.

Mobile App

The real-time view of fleet operation is accessible through our mobile app which helps us in being ever ready to serve our customers.

Our Drivers

Optimized Routes

Our route optimization efforts lead to greater service quality and reduction into adverse environmental impact.

Enhanced Driver Safety

We try to follow a well-planned and consistent route during waste pick-up. This helps in providing a steady routine to the drivers, thereby enhancing their safety.

Reduced Noise From Engines

Our trucks are engineered to produce the lowest noise levels leading to quieter operations. This makes the environment comfortable for both our drivers and our customers.

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