How to Recycle Right?

It does not matter if you are a long-time recycler or just starting out, we can help you recycle right. We are here to provide you with all the information, tools, and resources that you need to make recycling both convenient and easy. The below tools are tailored as per your needs for your homes, businesses, properties, or schools.

Recycling for Home

Make your household more sustainable by educating your family and friends on how to differentiate between recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Please use the resources given below to take your first step towards recycling and make it a part of your everyday life at home.

Posters, Guided & Other Tools:

Use these informative tools to set your household up for recycling success. Keep a recycling poster on your fridge or bulletin board for easy access.

Recycling for Business

Every day, we generate huge volumes of recyclables in our offices, manufacturing and distribution centers, restaurants, retailers, and breakrooms. If these materials are recycled correctly, then they will be a tremendous positive impact on our environment. At every step in your workplace, follow all the recycling principles and educate your co-workers and staff who manage your trash and recycling system.

To make a start on your recycling journey, use the resources given below.

  1. Properly label your containers when they are kept outdoor for pickup so that they can be easily identified.
  2. Place recycling posters near each of your recycling and trash containers and share recycling guides and videos with your co-workers and/or janitorial/facilities staff via email and in-person at your next staff meeting.

Posters, Guided & Other Tools:

Promote sustainability in the workplace with informative tools that show your employees how to recycle right. We suggest placing a recycling poster near each of your trash and recycling stations and sharing recycling guides with your co-workers via email or in-person at your next staff meeting.

Recycling for Schools

Children tend to pick up habits and qualities at an early age. Hence, they should be encouraged to get involved with recycling activities at schools so that they can pick up these skills at an early age. Schools should set an example for their students by implementing adequate recycling systems on the premises.

To make a start on your recycling journey, use the resources given below.

  1. Properly label your containers when they are kept outdoor for pickup so they can be easily identified.
  2. Post recycling signage on all indoor and outdoor student and staff accessible containers.
  3. Post signages and repetitively re-educate your students and staff about the best principles of recycling.

Posters, Guided & Other Tools:

With these useful tools, your students can learn more about recycling right. These detailed guides can make it easy to begin a recycling program that works for everyone.

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