Modern Landfills

Modern processes

Wastebull is committed to doing the right things in the right way. At our landfill sites, we implement technologies and processes that guarantee environmental safety. We even harness landfill gas at our landfill sites which is then converted into renewable energy. The key features of our landfills are as follows:
Engineered Landfill Liner

The bottom and the sides of the landfill are covered with a two-phase liner cover in order to avoid migration of waste into the environment.

Liquid Collection System

The liquids and the leachates produced at the landfill is properly collected, removed, and further treated so that it does not migrate into groundwater.

Daily Health and Maintenance

The health of the landfill is monitored daily to protect surrounding areas from odour, ensuring the landfill is ecologically sound.

Landfill Gas-to-Energy

The landfill gas generated upon decomposition of waste is captured to produce renewable energy.

Groundwater Monitoring

All the disposal facilities of Wastebull are installed with permanent groundwater monitoring equipments.

Through our long-term monitoring of groundwater and leachates, we ensure that the environment is kept protected. Further, after the closure of a landfill site, the monitoring of the site continues according to strictest industry standards so that the safety of the landfill is ensured for the longest term.

Leader in landfill

Operating a network of landfills in India requires a big commitment from any waste management company. As a leader in India’s landfill operations, our cutting-edge approach to mitigate any potential adverse impacts from our landfills, ensures the communities and neighbourhoods which house those landfills are safe and secure for the long term.

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