Smart sorting for a second life

We are committed to investing in technologies which help us in providing second life to as much of waste as possible. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality for of recycled materials so that leads to greater demand for recycled materials.

We use the best and most advanced technology at our materials recovery facilities during the sorting of our customer’s recyclables so that we can derive the highest quality possible. 

Step 1:

Materials enter into our facilities and then passes through a vast array of sorting mechanisms. These sorting mechanisms ensure that the chances of contaminants making through this stage is reduced to minimum.

Step 2:

Usage of advanced optical sorters and other digital technologies help in identifying and sorting the items quickly. This minimizes the time and labour required for recovery of useful materials from the waste.

Step 3:

Our facilities are designed to produce cleanest feedstocks for the manufacturers who can use the recycled materials to make new products and packaging thereby giving a second life to the waste.

Recycling Helps Us in Many Ways

Wastebull is doing its bit in making our planet a better place to live. We continue to invest in recycling technologies which help us in recovering the waste more efficiently. Specifically, we remain focussed on recycling the materials which help in reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions thereby providing greatest environmental benefits.

When we recycle one million tonnes of material,

2.15 Million

metric tons of Greenhouse gases and emissions are avoided

1.25 Million

cubic metres of landfill space are saved

7.86 Million

trees are saved

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