Renewable Energy

We are always looking out for innovative ways to convert everyday waste into renewable energy.

Our gas-to-energy approach

Our gas-to-energy initiatives help us capture maximum energy from our landfills. Also, our solar farms initiative on closed landfills help powering the grid.

In this way, we close the loop and try to reuse and recycle as much resources as possible. Apart from this, the excess RNG produced is converted into electrical energy and the same is fed into power grids.

Step 1

We use our landfills as a source of fuel and using the cutting-edge technologies, we capture methane produced for the landfills. This methane is then converted into RNG (Renewable Natural Gas).

Step 2

The RNG fuel produced is used to power our CNG fleet of trucks.

Step 3

Our CNG trucks (filled with RNG fuel) is then sent around neighbourhoods to collect the waste and recycling refuses which are eventually processed and sent to the landfills.

Environmental Benefits of Renewable Energy

Replacing Fossil Fuels with Natural Gas

The methane gas produced at our landfills is converted into clean-burning RNG fuel which is then used to fuel our trucks. This helps us in reducing and replacing the use of harmful fossil fuels, thereby reducing our carbon footprints.

Closed Landfills Used As Solar Fields

Our closed landfills have been reclaimed and converted into solar farms, thereby generating clean energy which are fed into the power grid. This leads to further reduction in usage of fossil fuel in electricity generation activities.

Through our landfill gas to energy programs and through our solar energy reclamation projects, we are able to power thousands of homes in our neighbourhoods.

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