Environmental Stewardship

Our mission is to safeguard our planet and pass it down to our next generation in a better condition than what we found it. We are committed to using our expertise to protect the environment we live in.

Safeguarding our planet for future generations

India with a population of 138 crores, is home to many cultures and religions. Although separated by cultures, we all share the same air and are dependent on Mother Earth.

But did you know, about 0.1 million tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated in India every day? That is approximately 36.5 million tonnes annually. Unfortunately, waste collection efficiency in Indian cities ranges from 50% to 90%. This is harming the environment on a dangerous level. Therefore, our ultimate goal at Wastebull is to connect each individual and make them a part of our environmental conservation efforts.

Real Solutions

Due to the advent of technology, globalization, and industrial revolution, our lives have become convenient and hassle-free. But little have we noticed the price we have paid for the same in terms of increased levels of waste.

The environmental crisis our world facing are quite alarming and challenging. We can’t find answers to these problems by just dreaming about the solutions. We need to create solutions and actions that are built for the real world.

We at Wastebull take our duty very seriously and help our communities to manage and recycle as much waste as possible so that only a tiny portion of the waste is sent to the landfills.

Big Initiatives

We are conscious of the resources we use while running our business and seriously look into their environmental impact. Thus, we take extra initiatives and are always looking for innovative ideas to reduce our carbon footprint. Usage of trucks powered by Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) generated from the landfill sites and new recycling mechanisms are a few of our ongoing initiatives.

Investing in Tomorrow

Sustainability does not mean to just develop advanced trucks or use state-of-the-art facilities. It also means, to be prepared for the challenges of the future. Hence, at Wastebull, we continue to focus on finding new and advanced ways of managing waste and conserving our planet. We encourage people and invest in their research and ideas for a clean and green environment.

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